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  1. sumanth sumanth


    I am subscribed to the basic membership ( early access ) almost few days ago in patreon but I still get unlock with patreon always even after allowing access in patreon . How do I read the story now ? MY patreon account lists blank canvas under supporting but cannot access any content here . but can see posts with links in patreon.

    • Hi!

      Apologies for the trouble!

      If you’re subscribed to the basic tier, then you should be able to see all the early access chapters of ACV in the fanfiction stories section, even if you come straight to the website and not by clicking the link on my Patreon posts. However, all but the first chapters of my original stories do require higher tier access, so you won’t be able to see those unless you’re subscribed to that tier.

      I’ve double-checked the settings for the early access chapters and asked a couple of my patrons to check themselves and we’ve not come across any issues so far. If you can’t see any of the fanfiction posts yet, then it’s possible Patreon’s just being a bit slow in processing pledges at the start of the month, sometimes it does take it a couple of days in the renewal period just because they have so many accounts and pledges to work through.

      If the issue’s not resolved over the next few hours, drop me a message on Patreon and I’ll enquire with their support team to see if anything’s gone wrong at their end.

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