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  1. John John

    As always a really good chapter but I think this is the only chapter in the OG version that I think is better than the remastered one. The thing I didn’t like about the chapter was the fact that Harry thinks about Katie while remembering about his and Fleur’s first time.Well I get it that he is a teenage boy but this Harry is supposed to be mature and is in love with Fleur and considers her to be his perfect dream, the main reason for him to keep fighting.So, it is quite out of character for him to be thinking about someone else in that context ,especially when remembering his first time having sex with the girl he loves.

    • Appreciate your thoughts! I would agree if it was a random girl or someone like Hermione, but I would suggest Katie’s previous interactions with Harry have somewhat normalised Harry thinking about her in a sexual way, so it’s a relatively easy step for him to mentally make, especially when Katie’s all but leading him into it. He doesn’t, of course, do anything more than briefly picture, because that really would make no sense given his devotion to Fleur.

      Hope you keeping enjoying the story!

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