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  1. John John

    I don’t get the theory of your fidelius charm ,so you die if your secret keeper dies then why didn’t Voldemort just kill Wormtail which would mean the potters die as well. Though one can argue that Voldemort didn’t want to kill a useful servant and he was egotistical enough to want to do it himself but the way your fidelius works Sirius would die when Dumbledore dies because he is the only permanent living, sentient and magical being other than Kreacher living in Grimauld place and so the fidelius would kill him as well as Kreacher when Dumbledore dies.Is there something I am missing here because it doesn’t make sense to me.

    • Nope, you’ve missed nothing, that’s a blunder on my part!

      I was trying to balance the pay off of the Fidelius with the risk so it isn’t ludicrously convenient and forgot to check if my new risky theory has any massive knock on effects.

      Thanks for pointing it out! I’ll have to tweak a few things…

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