1. Excellent story, Matt! Very well-paced from beginning to end. I think the character work is very, very well done. You know, I was really skeptical when I found out that this was an Artemis story, because I see her character butchered all the time in fanfiction, but I think you wrote her very well. The ending was very impactful, and I just had a great time reading throughout. Thank you for writing this, and I hope you enjoy the review that I’ll write for the archive, whenever that comes out.

    – Theo

    1. Thanks Theo!

      I’m glad you enjoyed it and thanks for pointing out the couple of typos you spotted along the way. I look forward to reading your deconstruction of my interpretation and exploration of Hellenic ethnos 😉


  2. Whoa… this is now one of my all time favorites in all the books I have read. I’m definitely doing my long write on this.

    – TheGirlofManyFloods
    (aka Silver Moon)

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