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  1. John John

    I both love and hate(in equal measure) the changes you made to the Harry and Fleur’s relationship. In the OG they had an idealistic romance with almost no insecurities or any other problem that a normal relationship has but you showed Harry’s insecurities in this one which makes it a more realistic romance. I would say it shows how much you have grown as a writer because you were really good when Cadmean Victory came out but now you are much better as your character are not linear anymore. The simplicity of the OG was all fluff and a really nice read (which I loved) but the dynamic relationship in this one is much more realistic.Just looking forward to how you tackle with Harry’s insecurities because it is very very hard to break a cycle of feeling insecure and from what I have learned from my studies and talking with patients, as a med student ,most people like Harry don’t want to leave themselves vulnerable and they would just go on defensive and would want the problem to go away and not deal with it,how you would write it would be interesting to see.Keep up the good work 👍🏻🙂

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