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  1. John John

    I think the new changes would be absolutely fantastic. I just have a suggestion, please don’t end it like the OG version with Harry’s and Voldemort’s soul merging together when Voldemort touched the elder wand, please keep them separate so if Harry dies and comes back it’s just Harry that is back and not a mixture of both their souls. Other than that it’s your story you write it however you think would be best🙂.

    • Other than how it ends, please write it how you like, hahaha. You’ll have to wait and see, John! Some things have been changed, but I give you spoilers, and I make you no promises…

      • John John

        I am not telling you what to write ,just a suggestion, it’s your story you write it however you like lol and I don’t want to get any spoilers it would take the fun out of the story 😄.

        • My kind of reader! 🤜🤛 Enjoy the ride! 🤣

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