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  1. Iñaki Iñaki

    The more I read, the more I like the story, but also the more I find Harry to be a bit weird in the head, which I guess is the point. I quite like it

    • Glad you’re enjoying the read, I’ve a fondness for slightly unconventional characters, I find them more interesting to write!

  2. Sam Sam

    Great chapter, love the changes you’re making, as much as I loved the original. I know I’m repeating other people’s remarks, but it’s true that Fleur is much more likeable (not that I minded her originally) and while I miss total psycho Harry, I like this more subtle and layered Harry. I feel like it’s only bringing out stuff I already thought about him in the original, but now it’s directly in the text as opposed to being my head canon based on hints.

    I know it’s not in the chapter, but I just wanted to say that I’ve always found your action sequences poetic, dynamic and riveting. I skipped most of them back when I used to read fanfics, and even amongst the highly selective few that I read now, yours stand alone.

    I made my first serious foray into writing this time last year, and while it was horrific and embarrassing, it was a lot of fun. This story fanned the flames of that desire, and made me want to write a story about a character of singular focus and goals, who in some ways is their own downfall and has poisonous flaws that could drive the story very dark very quickly if they get out of control. I love this story, so thank you for writing (and now rewriting) it.


    • Happy to hear you’re enjoying it so far! This is actually also close to how I envisioned their characters in the original — a few changes have been made, but not so many as it seems — I just wasn’t able to pull it off back when I first wrote the story, so they didn’t quite come across right.

      Keep writing! I’ve never found anything I’ve found more satisfying! And I hope you keep enjoying the story, too.


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