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  1. John John

    I can’t understand why Katie has to be involved, tbh I don’t get why Neville has to be involved either but you can argue that Harry needs another person to pose as one of the Lestrange and he promised he would help him kill the brothers. Katie has no use at all, Harry has been skipping school and vanishing for the better part of 2 years and he didn’t need her help, the situation is a bit different now but he still doesn’t need her. Also, why not ask Dumbledore’s help for this one ,make a story about how he got the information and then you have a powerful ally for this particular mission because Dumbledore still believes there are 4(or 5 if you count Harry) horcruxes in play while there are 3 so using him would be the Slytherin way of doing this not just running in with a half cocked plan with a normal (average) school student with no experience and there are so many other flaws in the ‘plan’ and it’s so unlike a Slytherin.

    • John John

      Sorry I went on a rant with this one I just couldn’t find the logic behind the OG plan and this is going the same way.😕😅

      • No worries, it’s not like it was rude. I enjoy hearing everyone’s thoughts, I can’t get better without feedback!

    • My carefully worded reply, to avoid spoilers, is that the logic which saw it play out this way before is still valid. Harry is very bad at trusting people and letting them close to him, but terrified of loneliness. He’s also not particularly Slytherin when it comes to planning in advance at any point, he does vague long-term plans and opportunism rather than meticulous detail, because he’s learnt he thinks on his feet well, and tends to instinctively rely on it. He also doesn’t like to be caged within plans and expectations, which I touched on here and there lightly, even his own plans and expectations.

      Anyway, he drags in Katie and Neville simply because he wants them to be involved and close to him, and there’s no additional risk to Fleur doing so (As well as needing another person, of course. A smarter choice would have been Sirius, but he’s not available).

      As for Dumbledore, we all know what Harry’s view of Dumbledore is, and what he thinks will happen if Harry ever reveals he knows about horcruxes from his own research.

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