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  1. John John

    I hope the Julian thing ends after the next chapter, the last couple of chapters feel like they are the same with little change. The last few chapters have been, Harry goes to work gets info and then destroys a base, the story is moving but at a very slow rate.

    • Those simple reference maps I added to the website are a good clue as to how much building and background work needs to be laid out for things to come together later, so it is, by necessity a bit of a slow-burn to start with, but your hope’s not too forlorn. And, hopefully, the pay-off is all the better for it when it comes!

  2. TC1687 TC1687

    I really hope he can actually defeat him without nearly killing himself. As you said, Dumbledore beat Grindelwald and Voldemort matched Dumbledore. There is Dumbledore’s age to consider as he was practically ancient when he fought Voldemort but the added experience, knowledge and the Elder Wand should not only have cancelled out Dumbledore’s old age, but made him even more powerful than he was when he fought Grindelwald.

    Another thing to consider is that Harry is enhanced by Rituals. I assume they are practically a forgotten art unless you somehow manage to figure them out yourself or are taught by Slytherin. You haven’t really mentioned the enhancements in a while. I’m pretty sure that one of them was supernatural speed and reflexes. That should realistically be a huge advantage against anyone who hasn’t done similar rituals.

    • John John

      I agree this guy has been hyped up too much, like Harry duelled Voldemort to an almost even match and I don’t think Julian can be as strong as Voldemort, if he was why did he want to work under him. Realistically, Julian can’t be more powerful than Bellatrix, who was one of the most feared and strongest of Death eaters but still nothing Harry couldn’t handle during his excursion to DoM and he has only grown stronger since that fight. Julian could be more crafty and might cause more problem to Harry than Bellatrix but if he is as strong or stronger than Voldemort then it would not make any sense.

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