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  1. John John

    Again Happy Birthday mate and thanks for this chapter 🙂.

    • John John

      Also just realised Harry at 15, could apparate about a thousand miles from Hogwarts to the willow tree but the best recorded is only 600 miles 😂.

      • He portkeys that one, I’m fairly sure I caught all those when I remastered, but it’s possible a couple slipped through. He does manage to apparate to London though.

  2. TC1687 TC1687

    I’m glad we finally meet Julien properly. Also, good job mentioning Harry’s enhanced speed. I guess all the other times he was fighting as fast as he could without using the boost?

    I would be interested to see how far Harry can apparate. He should test it.

    Very good chapter.

    • Glad you enjoyed it!

      We are slowly getting through all the little bits of info I have to sneak in so you’re all not lost or drowning in info dumps, and as we get through it, the more I can raise the pace!

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