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  1. John John

    I just realised Grise should have found out Harry’s identity by now or he knows it but doesn’t care, because Harry is working in a secret department who would have at least done a thorough background check on him before taking him in. Also Fleur was very publicly in a relationship with Harry and people don’t just appear out of nowhere, especially strong people like Harry who can out duel a squad of aurors. So, the French government must know he is alive or at least Grise must.

    • Fleur and Harry were less public than you might think, I was quite careful about that when I did my remaster. Everyone assumes he’s with Katie, an understandable mistake, really, given Rita Skeeter and how they acted. And the few that knew/learnt better are all dead (or Neville). Harry also died quite publicly, which tends to make people cross you off the list of possibilities.

      The fact that Henri Decolmar isn’t a real person, however, is another matter entirely, as Vert demonstrates, it’s very easy to see that’s an alias.

      Hope you keep enjoying! Starting to get into things now!

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