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  1. TC1687 TC1687

    Interesting take on a Nundu seemingly having multiple lives. Will it be something they will be looking into? Any information or form of evading death seems to be of interest to them.

    Also, how strong are the Dufort sisters, both individually and together? Could they beat Harry together or are they just not on that level even together?

    • All excellent questions that I’m going to blatantly side-step… xD

  2. Dat Dat

    Ohhh man its getting heated up
    The baby is coming soon and Julien will be dealt with soon enough

  3. John John

    You are a cruel man with that title for the chapter, for a moment I thought Harry being alive came out then I realised you would never spoil that in the title.😂

    PS: How did Harry have his ring in the clothes that Fleur conjured for him?🤔😂😂

    • It was a fun chapter title, I had a good chuckle to myself as I chose it, so I’m glad the humour was appreciated!

      At some point, I forget exactly when, but it was a fair few chapters back, Harry puts his wedding ring on the same necklace as the acorn pendant, so it’s just hanging around his neck at the moment. It’s a glowy ring, so if he wore it as Violette as well as when he is himself, it would kind of give the game away xD

      • John John

        I meant how was his violette ring in his pocket when Fleur conjured his clothes?😂😂

        • Now that is an excellent question; it sounds like I may have missed something! Good spot! xD

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