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  1. John John

    It was good but tbh it just felt wrong lmao with Fleur being with Bill and not Harry 😂.

    PS: I know I am biased but Fleur/Bill or Ginny/Harry etc. pairings never made sense.

    • It always feels a little strange to write Harry and Fleur and have them not be together xD

  2. TC1687 TC1687

    So very cute.

  3. NoobdockSaint NoobdockSaint

    First paragraph geared me up for a good ole Harry x Fleur, turns out I was wrong haha. Still very much enjoyed it, loved Gabby’s personality. May have made this pairing officially move to my number 3 spot, Fleur being first and tonks being second (would honestly be a tie if Tonks had more quality fics). But now I’m rambling so I’ll just leave ya with a thanks, made me smile

    • Glad you liked it! I do have Que Sera, Sera here on the website (which is Tonks) if I can tempt you…

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