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  1. John John

    I have been thinking that Harry would be better off if he came out as alive at this point. I know he doesn’t want to be a hero anymore and only wants to live his life with Fleur but he is already fighting for France, also if people know that he is alive a lot of the problems the magical world is facing would stop for example 70-80% of Julien’s followers would not have wanted to fight if they knew they might be fighting against someone who defeated Voldemort. Him coming out would be good for his child’s future as it would help the Statute of Secrecy to stay intact and would stop people from countries like US to cause problems and also if he wanted, he could use his political situation to reign in people in Britain. If Harry remains in his current job he would get dragged into the fight, so if he is going to be dragged into the fight anyway why not be smart about it and take control of the situation and rectify the problem rather than cleaning up the aftermath?

    PS: Not saying what you should do with the story just analysing the story till this point and thinking of the best thing to logically do in this situation 😂.

    • John John

      I just realised Harry sent a patronus with a message before leaving for work, which brings up the question to whom did he send it to?🤔

      • This may not be as exciting as you hope 🤣

    • You’re not wrong 😂

      There are a few other considerations, though, he and his family would be a huge target for anyone not put off by his reputation, and he would be trapped into maintaining that political balancing act his entire life just as Dumbledore was, and the latter, of course, might just cost him that sunset…

      • John John

        Ngl I thought about those scenarios before sending that comment. I think the risk of coming out and a chance of him becoming a target would still be better than what he is doing rn, he is still fighting and is involved in all of the political issues that are happening but he has no control to actually stop them only to clean them up after the fact. A fidelius charm would protect them to a certain extent and they have other wards as well
        ,even after that I guess there would still be risks to their lives but he is still living an anonymous life which he could keep living but come out to the world as alive and let people assume that Fleur is not married to him but to Henri Delacour, also as you said most people don’t know about Fleur and him being together. He could also work for English unspeakables rather the the French because they might have some knowledge which could help him for his ‘final victory’, they had knowledge about how to create timeturners maybe they have something more and even if they don’t I would say 2 libraries are better than 1. And even if he decides that he doesn’t want to fight and be part of the political system, him just being there would solve a lot of problems like Dumbledore’s presence used to and war not breaking out would give him the necessary time he wants to complete his project to attain immortality and then he can just quit or continue or do whatever he feels like doing but if war actually breaks out it would just mean more risk for him and his family and his project to get immortality for his family( him being already immortal) would be pushed back.

        PS: I am just trying to rationalise the next move for a smart person in that situation but I know if you go this route it might be less entertaining and I am sure you have an idea about the direction you want to take this story and I am sure it would be a very enjoyable read.

        • Oh yeah, it’s all planned out. I’ve actually already written the final scene 🤣 (there’s a lot to write in between here and there still though)

          I enjoy hearing what everyone thinks, it’s very useful to give me an idea of what impression I’m creating as I balance the actions of characters within the bigger picture. And who knows, perhaps if Harry makes some rational, objective decisions they might look a little similar to this…😉

  2. TC1687 TC1687

    Does Harry have some sort of mental condition? He has at least gotta be ill. Hyperventilating, seeing black spots and getting dizzy from talking about a potential war is not normal I don’t think. Especially from someone who has done everything he has. I get it’s scary and I understand the potential consequences to his family but that seems very extreme.

    • It is a very extreme response, yes. He’s had it a couple of times through the whole story now, and it’s tied to one particular thing… 😉

    • John John

      A classic case of anxiety disorder, with his signs of SOB, eye flashes, sweating, shaking , dizziness and tachycardia. If I were to make a diagnosis I would say he has GAD because of his constant fear of things going wrong and he also shows signs of SAD with him being so afraid to lose Fleur.

      • John John

        Sorry about my habit of trying to diagnose and break everything down in medical terms, kinda of a side effect of being in med school. 😂😅

        PS: I forget not everyone understands the Jargon:
        SOB (Shortness of Breath)
        GAD (General anxiety disorder)
        SAD (Separation Anxiety Disorder)

        • Justin Justin

          Thanks for explaining because I always read SOB as son of a b*tch 😂

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