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  1. John John

    That was one of the fastest delivery I have ever read about but I guess we don’t know about how much time passed through the whole thing. Also, why is the umbilical cord still attached if she has already delivered the placenta, which takes anywhere from 5-15 mins to be delivered but can take up to an hour, umbilical cord is usually clamped and cut in 2-5 min or their is a risk of erythrocytosis. Apart from me being pedantic about these things, why aren’t Fleur’s parents there and why didn’t anyone inform them about Fleur having the baby from what I think they would have wanted to be there to support her but no one even thought about letting them know.😂🤔

    • Tweaked a little for convenience, I freely admit, but nobody wants to read the full 12 hour labour and you don’t really need to write it that long to show all the important parts in the story. I also figured if a society has access to potions and magic, they’d probably try and find a few ways to save labour pain and time, too. Childbirth has been an issue for a while, so there’d be plenty of motivation! This is where the med students have an advantage over my layman’s knowledge 🤣

      As for Fleur’s parents, why did Fleur not think to call for them indeed…? 😉

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