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  1. John John

    Greasy chapter but it raises more questions than it answers like: Why is Harry still thinking about a green eyed girl to be in his perfect dream when Katrina has blue eyes? Also, he has all he ever hoped and dreamed about, a family with Fleur and his daughter so why is he still thinking about the mirror of erised? I am 99% sure these things are deliberately put in and not just coincidences, which makes me wonder why.🤔

    PS: I really liked how you associated Harry not wanting anything more than his perfect dream, to his fear that if he tried to be great he might ‘become’ Lord Voldemort, this answers my question from earlier chapters, of why he hasn’t thought of taking a more active role in managing the situations happening in the world.

    • John John

      *Great chapter auto correct changed it to ‘greasy’ for some reason.😂😂

    • I do make the occasional blunder, especially in a story like this with lots of moving threads for me to keep track off, but not in this case, where Harry’s conflating what he once saw in the Mirror with his newborn daughter.

      Although there is a truly glorious blunder in the original Cadmean! xD

      I’m glad that reasoning has come across, for obvious reasons I didn’t want to answer anything before this chapter!

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