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  1. John John

    Why didn’t Harry use his modified withering curse on those troll, like he used to do every time he had to destroy something without a soul? It’s like he forgot he could do other magic than just Fluminis, fiendfyre and the occasional inferii.

    • That one only works on non-living objects, and while trolls don’t have souls, they are very much still alive! Well. They were. Not so much now. But you get the point xD

      He’s not forgotten, don’t worry. But there does have to be a motivation to learn or use magic. And Harry makes for a very good hammer. When he runs into problems that he can’t treat like a nail, he’ll likely be forced get a bit more clever, as he has in the past.

      • John John

        I get Harry’s hammer approach to everything but he has other things like his air manipulation to crush someone without them even noticing, exactly what he did to griphook and tried to do to Voldemort. He used it in last chapter but to push the aurors away and not just crush them, if he just wanted to take the hammer approach why not just do that and be done with them( it would make for a very short fight though😂😂). Ngl, these fights seem very redundant, with the same thing happening over and over, not saying I don’t like it but if there is a fight I would like there to be something more than just a ‘fight’, every fight in ACV had something new and interesting, even if Harry was more powerful than his opponent he tried to be careful and came up with clever ways to deal with them but now he was almost killed by Romilda for no reason other than him just standing there like an idiot, when he could have summoned her wand first then stand there and brood😂.

        • They seem redundant because to Harry, they are redundant. My writing style is meant to be sneaky like that, so all the frustration Harry feels going out and doing the same thing over and over instead of getting to the good stuff is something my poor readers have to suffer with him. I think it brings the reader very close to the experience of the character. RIght now, he’s not very strongly motivated to do anything other than apply overwhelming force to anything in the way and go home to France. When he gets invested, like against Julien, you get the real deal, and I’m sure we’ll some of that at some point… xD

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