1. I never understood the rationale behind Harry letting Pansy go, if he wanted to keep his secret the most rational thing would have been to kill Pansy and let everyone think Julien did it. Why he took the risk of just modifying her memories just didn’t make sense when in a similar situation he killed griphook and told Neville that even a small amount of risk wasn’t worth it.

    1. There is a slight difference in that Pansy had no interest in coming after Harry or wanting him to be alive, whereas Griphook and the goblins would very likely hold a grudge. However, the deciding factor is Harry having escaped, he feels much less pressure than he was during the end of Cadmean, and therefore is more inclined to take small risks he thinks are unlikely to ever come back to bite him. On these more recent chapters, he’s feeling the pressure of everyone’s least favourite looking glass, and is back to how he was with Griphook.

      And, of course, the perfectly rational choice is not always the one that people make, it’s not even the one people make most often.

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