1. At this point the most rational thing for Harry to do would be to go back to Britain and give them their ‘Nuke’ back, this would settle them down and would deter other countries from war. Him going back would mean the war would not be escalated and he would have access to British unspeakable’s knowledge which might help him with La Victoire Finale, as they already have all the information from the French unspeakables, also after coming out as alive if the war still happens he can directly stall for time which is much more effective than what he is doing right now. I know that I have made this case before and I know it’s not viable because of Harry’s subconscious ‘fear’ of becoming like Voldemort but I don’t see why Harry doesn’t think rationally for like 5 min and come to the same conclusion. He loses nothing other than a bit of his privacy but what he gains by doing so is more time with his family as he wouldn’t have to leave for days to fight, he would have access to more info for his project and he can create a safer world for his kid, I don’t know why they aren’t even thinking about the possibility of him coming out. Also, why doesn’t Harry use Herald of foes again to find out how to win?🤔

    PS: All of that aside, Merry Christmas mate🙂.

    1. Happy Christmas, mate! 🥳

      Rationality isn’t Harry’s strongest suit, is the simple answer. There is an element of rational concern that there will be strain on his relationship with Fleur given the politics and he’ll be a target of the media and other groups. But neither Harry or Fleur see things quite the same as most neurologically typical people do and compromising on their sunset in any way is something they’re almost incapable of.

      As to looking for a way to win. He has. For Harry, La Victoire Finale is winning in every sense. It is both the method of victory over his amber-masked foe and the victory itself.

      Glad you like Katie! She is absolutely adorable and among my favourites to write

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