1. There is an inherent flaw in Harry’s reasoning, he says he would become like Dumbledore, taking care of all their problems for the rest of his life but the truth is his coming out would be much better for him, his family, his sunset and everyone else in the world. People knowing he is alive doesn’t mean he has to do anything, he would be Britain’s nuke, it doesn’t have to be used to deter people from a fight it’s presence is deterrent in and of itself. Coming out would help him buy more time to finish ‘La Victoire Finale’ and give Katie a chance to live in a more peaceful world because at some point she would grow up and would want to go out of the house and learn from the outside world, no child can be completely isolated and that’s why him trying to get peace is important.
    He doesn’t want to be like Voldemort, he wants to stay Harry and not crave power, fair enough but what he has been doing with the unspeakables is a more active role in the war than he would be taking if he came out. He doesn’t need to be the minister or anything like Dumbledore, he can just be there to deter people from being corrupt which would be a Harry thing to do rather than just sit at the sidelines and see the world burn, that is a Voldemort thing to do. I understand he doesn’t want to be a hero and he doesn’t have to be one but there is a difference between not being a hero and just letting the world burn, he kind of needs to stop the fire if he can because he and his family also live in that world and even if he cannot die, a war would still be a problem for him and people he cares for.
    I know I have made this case a million times at this point but it’s the only rational thing to do imo and Ik Harry hasn’t come out because he is ‘irrational’ and ‘scared’ that he might become more like Voldemort but he actually used to be more rational and forward thinking in ACV for eg: in the first task when Fleur asks Harry why he is so calm he says something along the lines of there is no point in worrying about it what is going to happen is going to happen and imo that is the best way to tackle that situation, there are other scenes where he actually uses his head to come up with a rational solution for a problem but in this story he is just unnaturally irrational like letting pansy go because of a flimsy reason etc. etc., I can probably give a few more examples but I thing is already long enough. I like this story a lot and I am too much invested in this to leave it but this bit of irrationality is just driving me insane at this point.

    PS: Ik this is just me ranting and if all this was written like this to actually frustrate people then Kudos you got that bit down I am truly frustrated by this but I am too invested in this that I would be back for the next chapter 😅🥲.

    1. I humbly accept your kudos! xD

      One day when I’m less worried about spoiling what’s to come, I’ll answer with lots of interesting details. For now… There is, among other less rational beliefs, a single very strong irrational belief at the core of Harry’s worldview (not one you’ve mentioned as far as I recall), and it’s at the root of many of his more frustrating or questionable behaviour’s.

      1. Well all I am going to say to that is idc anymore about what Harry does, I am only gonna come back for future chapters because of how wholesome parts with Katrina are, who needs Harry when his daughter is way better.

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