1. One question, is Harry magically powerful enough to take Ginny’s entire squad right? Like, he matched Voldemort at his best, and now he has more experience, I’m pretty sure he’s the baddest wizard more powerful now.
    No one can beat him, if he wants to kill all the leaders of all countries he can just do it with the invisibility cloak, he can steal anything he needs under the cape.
    But I think I’m forgetting that he used the cape as a sacrifice right?

    1. This is the sort of question that I give a vert cryptic and entirely unhelpful response to 🤣

      Harry’s certainly shown himself to be capable of something like that in the right circumstances, but he’s also struggled to wipe away enemies that fight smart against him. The cloak, as with all the Hallows, is stashed safely away for that elusive final victory…

  2. I was thinking that Harry avenging the deaths of Gabby, Apolline and Laurent happened alittle to quick.

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