1. This whole time Harry’s thought process to not act on global political issues has been to not care what others might want and to just live his life with Fleur and not to have to be a hero but now out of nowhere he decides to be a ‘hero’ and care about other people’s dreams which is completely out of character, yes he has gone through the ritual but as of right now he can’t remember most of what happened in there so there shouldn’t be that much of a change in his personality. I might be wrong in my assumption but this doesn’t make a lick of sense to me. Also, rather than looking for an alternative to countering Grindelwald’s golden flames he has just decided that nothing can stop it because his hocrux is gone so he is gonna do a ridiculous ritual to do something extreme with little to no thought about the consequences, which imo is the most lazy reasoning I can think of for him to ‘surpass the legacy of Rome’. I honestly don’t know what to think of this at this point but I just can’t miss the disparities in Harry’s personality from five-ten chapters ago and now and it isn’t making much sense. I really like your work but this just feels convoluted for the sake of being so.

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