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  1. At this point none of the characters make any sense. I loved this story but it’s just not logical anymore. In this chapter Fleur literally contradicts herself in the same sentence, she says, ‘ “Maybe,’ Fleur murmured, maybe when our baby bird has come back to us and is no longer scared and needing her papa, you can go to help them, but not for long, mon Coeur. There will be no more little girls with silver hair and green eyes for us; the moments we miss with her, we will not get back. ‘, so she wants Harry to not miss any moments with Katrina but he should only leave to help when she is back, rather than being with her he should go around fighting people ,which he could be doing right now when things might be a manageable and he has nothing better to do than sit around thinking illogically plans. I genuinely care about this story a lot but the whole premise of it has been breaking down in the last few chapters and it’s almost incoherent. I hope I am proven wrong and in the end there is some explanation for it all but as of right now I can’t see it being logical so I am giving up on this story, at least for now.

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