About Me

A little about M J Bradley

M J Bradley is really just Matt Bradley, aspiring to one day use his nom de plume as more than just a quip. He started writing at age eight and nothing as of yet has managed to get him to stop. Fortunately, the writing has at least improved and he’s now branched out into writing both fantasy and psychological thriller, though he prefers the former.

M J Bradley has written a small handful of fanfiction stories under his embarrassing childhood nom de plume Darkness Enthroned, including the inexplicably popular A Cadmean Victory. He’s also written a long list of original pieces that gather dust on his hard drive, and some more recent ones available here!

His dream is to keep writing and to build a community where like-minded aspiring authors can trade thoughts, opinions, and connect.

Where you can read my writing!

Here! It goes without saying that everything I write is going to end up on my official website.

My fanfiction works are also all freely available on Fanfiction.net, Archive of the Own and Royal Road, and one of my original web serials is also freely available on Royal Road, although you’ll find more of it here!

If you see my writing anywhere else, please let me know, as I’m not the one who has posted it there!

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