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Fanfiction Stories

Novel Length or Beyond!

My little fanfiction drabble from FFN, Ao3 and Royal Road. Now remastered.

A Cadmean Victory

Also available to listen to in audiobook form!

A Cadmean Victory Audiobook

Lethe's Lament, the first part, is all posted, and Mnemosynē's Mnemon, the second part, is now being posted!

A Taste of Ismenian Water

Another fanfiction piece, first few chapters are posted as a teaser!

A Spire to the Stars

With a title like this, who needs a summary to guess the main girl...?

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Short Pieces!

Before A Cadmean Victory there was A Quest for Europa. 

This is a short piece covering the three years before A Cadmean Victory, an aperitif, if you like! 

A Quest for Europa

Sometimes, a spoonful of sugar is all you need to make life taste a little sweeter. 

Written for and part of the Hope collection organised by the Flowerpot Discord.

A Spoonful of Sugar

Read the rest of the Hope Collection...

The war's over. Harry is victorious. But victory come with a price.

A short piece of post-war Harry/Tonks for Darkened Void!

A Pocketful of Posies

For those who might wish some things in A Cadmean Victory went a little differently. 

Written for the Extra Life Charity Campaign on Discord, for those who think Katie might've been a better choice!

Beneath a Red Umbrella

Some More Short Pieces!

Faith can move mountains. 

A short piece commission by Darkened Void as part of being a top tier patron. Click the link below to read!

La Foi


Serendipitous and sweet.

A Harry/Tonks novella for Lyrical!

Que Sera, Sera

What do you do, when all you've ever known comes to an end?

A short piece commission by Cup as part of being a top tier patron. Click the link below to read!



A single snap-shot scene written for a Discord Server's Anniversary Themed Challenge!

Through the Looking Glass

A short scene written for the a Discord server's "First Date" Themed Challenge!

A Sickle For Your Thoughts

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