Original Stories


The wind rustled beyond the distant canopy, leagues overhead, where the leaves brushed the heavens. The rain drummed against it; water trickled down the bark of the Heart-Tree’s trunk to where Iothe’s alcove sat hidden among a tangle of roots so wide you could ride a chariot along them were they only straight enough. Another […]


A sneak peek! The grey-painted nail of his eldest brother’s forefinger tapped upon the arm of the Fireglass Throne next to the stem of his goblet. The steady rhythm echoed the length of the hall. ‘The stories of serfs,’ Hakon ground out. ‘The endless whinging and whining of the peasants that envy… To view this […]


A sneak peek! Sunlight pooled across the old walls, wood stalls and cobbled streets between the two inns, the smithy, and the carpenter. The warmth soaked into Folke, and when the breeze stilled, the heat turned smothering. A fine day. Folke finished the last mouthful of rabbit, root vegetables, and pastry, savouring… To view this […]

Sasyo II

A sneak peek! An odd, faint sense of nostalgia swept over Sasyo as limped along the cobbles of Litlahöfn. Bronzebark pine beams and panels took the place of stark grey granite, but the smell of salt, rotten and fresh fish, pitch, wood, and smoke brought a small smile to his lips. Not… To view this […]


A sneak peek! Rune-carved, stark stone stretched from the shadows up over his head into a dome; its smooth, dark surface broken only by a single window and the pitch-daubed mortar that filled the ancient oculus above his head. Soft, azure flames danced at the edges of the rooms, the flickering ghostcandles… To view this […]


A sneak peek! Sasyo paced the bare, wood-panelled walls of his cell. His hair brushed the stones of the ceiling where it stuck up from the crown of his head. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. He snorted and stared through the small window. Ten paces. Another year… To view this […]


Snow crunched beneath the heels of his iron-plated boots. Their steps echoed beneath ice-coated needles. A trail of footprints stretched back from his heels across all the leagues to Grænthlið. Lonely footprints. Sigærd glanced back south along the line of prints. Nobody walks the North Road. A low thump echoed through the trees. The magii […]

Final Hope and Flat Despair

A sneak peek! A small fountain burbled beneath the smoke-streaked sky. Athion closed one eye and tilted his head back. Reeds and flowers swayed in the breeze, and slim, bright-coloured fish circled in the water. The water’s song and his own heart’s rhythm played beneath the dull whoosh and crash of Ædyn’s… To view this […]


A sneak peek! A strong tide rolled back and forth up a short, steep stretch of pebbles, foaming over rounded stones and scattered driftwood. The sea stretched beyond it to where the waning moon hung; its cold, clear light scattered and fractured over countless waves like firelight on broken glass. Athion glanced… To view this […]

What Doesn’t Kill You…

A sneak peek! Smoke rose over the crest of the hill into the blue sky. A great, grey stream veiled half the sparkling sea and drifting white clouds. ‘My home,’ Ilerwe breathed, darting up the rise to stare down over the woods at the smoking sprawl of buildings in the clouds’ shadow…. To view this […]

The Unsated Ones

A sneak peek! Rain pattered against the small window. A dull grey sky loomed over a squat wooden shack and the forest’s edge beyond its dust-coated, candle-wax-smeared glass. ‘Maybe we should’ve asked those soldiers on the bridge some questions.’ Athion swirled the foaming cider in his tankard, then set it down on… To view this […]

The Red Blossom

A sneak peek! A little river rushed past the roadside, swollen to its banks’ tops. Orange leaves swirled in its stream around small rocks and bare roots. Bands of pink and red streaked through the dusk sky reflected in its surface. ‘Hmmm.’ Athion glanced upward and paused on the road. ‘Hang on… To view this […]

The White Serpent

A sneak peek! Bright morning light burst through outstretched branches. Thin, curling patterns of frost spread across the smooth bark of the branches above Athion’s head and covered the colonnade of trunks flanking the road. Ilerwe skipped over the stones, kicking orange and brown leaves all over the road. ‘You look nothing… To view this […]

The Shadow of the Moon

Cold, pale light spilt through dark clouds in fractured beams, pooling upon the fields and hills beyond the grime-crusted glass window. Starlight flickered between the clouds’ tattered fringes as they drew apart, baring the moon’s full, bright face. Hello, again. He watched the dark close back over the moon and released a long sigh. Until […]