The Girl in the Garden

A golden apple shone in the sun, caught between slim, delicate fingers. Beyond it, worn stone steps led up the mountain through green cypresses. ‘So this is how it all ends.’ A broad-shouldered blonde man took the apple with a small smile. ‘Hera’s labours are complete.’ Heracles? Percy frowned. Why

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The Lady in Red

Trees and fields blurred past, lit by bright sunlight. Beams of light filtered in through the duct-taped driver’s window, falling over Thalia’s shoulder and Zoë’s dimpled knees. ‘There’s another junction,’ Thalia said. ‘Shouldn’t you brake?’ Bianca squeaked. Percy leant forward to catch her eye and grinned at her. ‘I think

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Moonlit Saunter

Pale light fell through dark leaves in slim bars, gleaming on Zoe’s silver tiara as she flitted through the brush. Soft loam squelched beneath Percy’s feet, the damp, cool scent of dew-veiled leaves clung to his nose and the rustle of the breeze filled Percy’s ears with whispers.  The crescent

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