‘I’ve never actually had crêpes before,’ Harry said, watching Fleur drizzle lemon juice over the small mountain of sugar piled on hers. ‘I’ve had pancakes, but they seem slightly different.’ ‘Crêpes are better.’ Fleur set the lemon juice down and rolled her crêpe up with the tip of her knife.

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Kiss Goodnight

A single purple spark hovered above Harry’s palm, uncurling into a rune of violet flame. He sent it floating up into the spiralling pattern of thousands and lay back on the pebbles, watching the slow shift of the patterns as it spun. Just missing the arm of the spiral for

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The Sins of the Father

Katie tottered across the kitchen floor, meandering around Laurent’s legs as he sipped coffee and watched his granddaughter babble to herself. ‘Poor Henri,’ Harry said as Katie waved her toy aloft by the throat, ignoring the frantic flapping of his wings. ‘I don’t think he can breathe if you hold

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